Discover how ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) provides you with crucial sourcing information WITHIN MINUTES to strengthen your supply chain while TAKING OUT THE RISK of non-delivery, delays and disappointing qualities

Instantly Source, Monitor and Vet Reliable Suppliers from East Asia

Insure your Trade with Manufacturers from China, India and all East Asia

CEO of Blue Stone Imp

Steve Brown

“Tiidan was a game changer for us. They made easy what was once a high-stakes complicated task.”

Procuration and Purchasing SERVICES that bring flexibility into your buying experience

SOURCING - source reliable suppliers based upon data-backed information

Source a variety of suppliers within hours

Learn about potential risks with your existing suppliers

Take faster and smarter business decisions based on AI technology that collects and updates global data every hour

Get a 360-degree view of your supplier. Hear feedback and controversies beyond the usual news sources and information channels

How to search for suppliers?

MONITORING - get real time alerts as red flags about your show up

Reduce risks with ongoing suppliers by constantly monitoring them

Eliminate time intensive manual monitoring by getting instant alerts

Diagnose if your vendor has the right legal and compliance framework in place with every transaction that they undertake. Get automated reports and red flags every time an issue appears

Let our supply-chain-optimized algorithm and remote team support system work for you 24/7 so you can focus on your core business

How do we analyse a supplier?

VETTING - Eliminate Your Risk with this unique AI-based insurance system

Don’t stay exposed to hidden risks by third parties

Trade with no risks and secure international payments with ease. Shield your trade from losses through our global insurance program

Transform your vendor vetting into a fact-based, repeatable and error-free process

Relief yourself of the burden carrying responsibility of trade decisions and investments. Use the world’s big data to calculate and insure your ongoing deals

How to launch a vetting request?

Sourcing Manager at Barry Fields Import

Mellisa Eduardo

“We found Tiidan-Trade data Platform as useful and enriching. Tiidan has an excellent customer support which is expressed in high availability and good will to help.”

How come that valuable procuration information is still in the dark?

Information get's accesible everywhere. The digital transformation revolutionizes entire industries. Yet, nothing has changed to gather business-relevant information in the purchasing and supply-chain processes

The Need For Speed and Accuracy

Witnessing that even established Business Information (BI) companies, can't keep up with the demand for fast, accurate and all-encompassing information we've built a winning Team to change that forever.

Get Ahead of Your competition

If you're also that kind of person who doesn't like to wait for 2-3 weeks only to get information so you can proceed with your buying plans you'll love this:

  • Custom Information on Your Suppliers
  • All-encompassing data, statistics, reports at your fingertips
  • Less than 15 minutes to have your Custom Report ready

Solving Exposure due to Unreliable Credit Risk Reports

Trade importers and insurance companies take high stakes when taking decisions and calculating risks with insufficient information. As a consequence businesses are exposed and take huge risks. Insurers consequently raise their prices which again hurts the importer.

Based on AI-information, fine calibrated algorithms and backed up by local teams, Tiidan turned that around.

Import Director at Vetex LTD

Noa Sompolinsky

“There was a supplier that I was suspecting was fishy as his offer was too attractive. Tiidan confirmed my suspicions with their data and helped me to source a better supplier. I deeply appreciate their service.”


We process huge amounts of data to serve you with the best business intelligence machine

Our AI technology constantly monitor the most relevant changes of international businesses

$600 Billion+

Trade Transactions



Companies Records



Legal Documents


Tiidan AI Vs. Competition








Data Sources


Supplier Involvement






Delivery Prediction











High Reliability

< 1 Hour



China, India, East Asia

AI and Big Data


Confidential Vetting


Simple and Focuses on the Sourcing Manager Needs

AI Based - High Reliability

Updated Daily


High Reliability


Indemnity & Insurance included on all packages

9 (out of 10)


High Reliability

2-3 weeks





One on One audit

Confidential Vetting


Depends on Industry



High Reliability


Updated per cient's request

High Reliability


No indemnity or insurance on package - separate service

7 (out of 10)


Fair Reliability

30 days minimum




Factory Visits


Formal Audit Process


Customized per Country, Industry and client Requests

Depends on Local Conditions

Depends on Local Conditions

Depends on Local Conditions

No indemnity or insurance on package


3 (out of 10)


Low Reliability

Instant using data sumitted from suppliers




3rd party auditing

One-Time Supplier Accreditation

Depends on Submitted Documents by Suppliers

Depends on Supplier Status

No supplier monitoring

No supplier vetting support

No Indemnity / Zero Accountability


1 (out of 10)

Tiidan: your All-in-One Source of Information and Insights

Whether you're a small or large business, you can level the playing field and get ahead of the competition by using the world's BIG DATA to calculate and back each of your decisions.

  • All in one tool to measure the inherent strength of your supplier, mitigate risks before they harm your business
  • Automated procuration and order processing app that helps business owners to make accurate decisions
  • Use the platform to get a list of suppliers and manufacturers who have the capability and resources to deliver products on short notice

Transparency Across Continents

Do you know who you are doing business with? Get your hands on a list of
trade partners who can deliver consistent quality without putting your
company on unnecessary risks.

  • Transacting with bad entities overseas can cost you your reputation. Even one hidden weak link in your supply chain can destroy your business
  • Through our Tiidan app, you can quickly do screening against sanction list, dubious connections, reference irregularities, negative coverage, regulatory compliance, local laws compliance, blacklists, counterfeiting, and false advertising
  • We are your business’ eyes and ears. Whether you are risk averse or optimistic, we’ll protect your business using your specified tolerance levels.

Trade with Security, Consistency, and Speed

Why settle with trial and errors when you can learn from everybody else’ mistakes?

  • Remove the hesitation that’s been stopping you to make the bold move
  • Overcome doubts that are holding you back right now
  • Create a booming and enduring business by providing consistency to your current customers

The Tiidan Team

Yaron Shapira

CEO & Co-Founder

Yaron began his career at Mercury (which was acquired by HP for $4.5B). Yaron then joined Check as a founder and later Check was acquired by Intuit for $360M). At Check, he created a leading mobile payments platform in the US with millions of active users. After the successful merger with Intuit, he joined as a co-founder to “The Culture Trip” (Raised over $100M).

Yaron holds a BSc. in Computer Science, a B.A in Economics and an M.B.A. from Bar Ilan University

Assaf Dagan

CTO & Co-Founder

Assaf has extensive experience (15+ years)  in R&D and Management Assaf was at the Founding team at Capriza (Raised $70M from top VC, A16Z and CRV) Assaf was R&D Manager at Mercury Interactive (Acquired by HP for $4.5B in 2006) with specific experience in building ML systems over large scale data extraction platforms Assaf holds BSc in Computer Science, Bar Ilan University, cum laude



Jasmine Song

Head of Business Analysis

Jasmine had 8 years' work experience with PepsiCo China Business Unit as the chief data analyst, responsible for developing data warehouse and reporting systems in conjunction with Pepsi's 18 JV bottlers nationwide in China. She then joined an international trading company as a co-founder and dealt with large export operations from China to many global markets. Jasmine joined Tiidan, and brings her extensive experience in data analysis and International trading as well as an active network of Chinese local government agencies, accounting agencies, law firms and consulting associates


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Which suppliers’ countries are covered by this service besides China?

What information will be included in the monitoring dashboard?

From where is the information sourced?

How frequently are my supplier’s details updated?

Will there be any suppliers that Tiidan will not have data for?

What is the difference between monitoring and vetting?

What does the indemnity apply to?

How do you exercise your indemnity?

What information would I need to submit a claim?

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